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This week I have been installing my pieces that are going to be exhibited in the Coke Show “Bottle” opening this Friday. It has been a little chaotic, I have two large (44’ x 66’) photographs and one sculpture that are installed finally!

Also, for my sculpture, I was working with and cleaning about 10 dozen eggs, all during the salmonella outbreak this past week. Luck me! But I have come out unaffected or so it seems for the time being thank goodness. I was so inspired by these eggs while I was cracking and cleaning them, that I decided to take a bunch of video and photo footage of them. And I really think this could lead to a wonderful new series. The symbolic aspect of the eggs for me comes from my Great-grandmother, who was British. Every morning that I stayed with her, she would fix soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. And they will forever be a symbol of her spirit for me. As well as the symbology dealing with fertility and age as a woman and life-barer. I’m not sure where this is going yet, but I am really excited about this new material being my newest obsession.

Here are some of the images I captured:

This one above is staged, using objects that were my great grandmothers.

There are so many more, and videos that I look forward to sharing in class! These are all unedited so far, but I see loads of potential and inspiration from them.

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