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The point of this project is to get your creative juices flowing out of that noggin quickly! The idea is to creative a different piece every day. Well technically 6 days a week, for a month (or however long you choose). This is brainstorming central, and the perfect opportunity to test out some new materials. So follow along these 24 days with me and see how my work evolves! DAY 1 starts today.....


And so, I hit the ground running. As you know from my site, I work with microscopic images. My most recent series was my cancer series in which I painted images of different cancers under the microscope, highly texturized and saturated; and combined them with desaturated, almost flat greyscale figures. Lately, I have been wanting to make a transition in my art by taking the figures out of my pieces and working more with abstractions of the microscopic images. So today I am doing a lot of brainstorming on how I can simplify my art, focus more on the beauty of these cells and how I can demonstrate that beauty in a more abstract way. I began the day moving into my new studio at Winthrop. What an amazing journey I have ahead of me. And how lucky am I to be having this opportunity to be studying my art and creating full time. Space to create and time to do it! What more could I want?

Being in my new studio space, white walls fresh with new paint represent a blank canvas, my blank canvas. A new beginning. A new project, or many projects yet to come. So much destruction will happen to this studio over the next three years in my journey, and hopefully you will watch it unfold with me.

The potential for my art and materials to expand overwhelms me at the moment. I now have access to a metal shop again, a full wood shop, ceramic studio, photography studio, and much more. The opportunities are endless for future projects and I. AM. PUMPED.

The project that I did today is a painting of a fallopian tube under the microscope. I just wanted to get my brushes back in paint and work on something that I think is beautiful. Also, I am really in love with the way this images resembles a flower, very metaphoric for me. Sorry for the terrible image, I am working with my phone as a camera currently. Also this is on un-stretched canvas- hence the distortion.

Fallopian Tube painting sketch

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