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Nurture, 2020 is a series of sculptural and performative works created to explore the emotional and psychological effects of objects as they relate to familial memory and the various processes one uses to nurture and express love. These moments incapsulate the need for comfort and connection, the need to be nourished, the need for protection, and the need to remember. The filmed interactions with each individual sculpture evoke the natural relationship of emotional release to the processes of remembering and healing.


I use sculpture as a residue of performance and create work that serves as a memory of interaction and experience. I’m interested in investigating connections between humans by blurring the distance between the artist, the art, and the audience. This body of work explores aspects of feminist theory, the historical use of Fluxus, Nel Nodding’s The Ethics of Care, Darwin’s classic essay, Emotions in Man and Animals, and Maurice Halbwachs’ theories on collective memory. 

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