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And so it begins

This week I have been working on a couple of different things...

I ordered the Display Trans Backlit Media paper for Epson and it finally came in and it is B-E-A-UTIFUL! Slightly transparent and gorgeous with light shining through, I am thrilled! So today, I edited my scanned images and decided to run a test strip to see how the quality of the image printed once it was enlarged.

I ended up doing a test strip of the scanned image, and one of my raw original file just to test pixilation and see how they compared. I'm actually really pleased with both! The scanned image does come out a little unclear and more blurry than the original. But the original is a little more pixallated in the darker areas of the photograph. There are pros and cons of each....honestly, I'm leaning a little more towards printing the original potentially because the detail and saturation are much nicer. I do have a couple of questions regarding these testers before I decide to go ahead and print the big boy.

My dress was installed in a space to see how it contrasted with the surroundings, as opposed to how it seemed in my studio. I can't believe I'm saying this but it is gorgeous out of the confined space of my studio. I was so sick and tired of it and now I have changed my mind. I am using the acetylene torch to blacken it from the bottom up, instead of doing a burning of the dress performance. (Seemed safer considering the permits I was going to have to acquire to do the burning at the Coke show exhibition.) And my plan is to have a pile of white eggshells underneath the suspended dress, which pays homage to my late great-grandmother (a Brit) who will forever remind me of delightfully delicate, soft-boiled eggs and tea for breakfast.

Here's to hoping everything comes together in the remaining couple of weeks in the semester!

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