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Ideas for MFA in progress exhibition

With the end of the semester wrapping up, there is so much going on! I am currently working on finishing up my dress for the exhibition that I am in on April 20th, as well as trying to figure out the best way to print/display some of my "slide" photographs. I have ordered the DisplayTrans Backlit Paper to print my photographs onto and display light shining through them and am just waiting on it to come in the mail so that I can print my scanned photographs larger, and have IT install the paper to the printer in the Creator Space. I have to find a way to make a light box that I can attach my photographs to, and which type of LED lights will be best for this purpose.

This is the tutorial I found, so I want to try to build something like this: (with my photograph obviously on the surface).

So this weekend, I am gathering materials, wood, etc. to build this box and then hopefully, without too many hiccups it will turn out!

I also would love to record the burning of my dress at the April 20th show, but I'm not sure of the best way to do that...I suppose just set up a tripod to record, I just don't want the camera to be front and center while my piece is on display. I'll have to figure this out a bit more....

With that said, I also need to figure out the best way to suspend my dress for the exhibition. It will be outside, and I am either going to have to build a structure that it hangs on, or have a pole or wire stretching across the building to hang it from..this is also TBD.

More to come next week as I dig deep into making all of this happen!

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