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Circles go round and round

I have been deeply searching for a connection between my sculptures and my photography, they are very much connected however, I have been trying to have them better coexist. I have spent the whole weekend making things that are round. Round to mimic the view through a microscope; round to connect the beginning to the end. A shape that starts and ends with the same point and is uninterrupted; this circular shape mimics the path of existence, life, death and the beyond. This shape is my connection. It in itself is a connection and with a shape set in my mind, the only decision is material.

I have repurposed my squished beet, and my organic matter that I dyed with beet juice and have trapped these items in between liquid latex, in the shape of a circle to create a skin slide of sorts. I also experimented with this beautiful plant that I found that looks feathery. It's some type of weed but I was attracted to it's color and materiality. I have also been building a form or round sculpture made from the seeds of a magnolia tree....its quite beautiful. I'm using nature's natural decomposition of the plant to emphasize it's beauty. The seeds have molded into gorgeous greens and reds that are displayed so the viewer will be able to appreciate the decay, and arranged the way molecules in a cell repeat over and over to create a form. The repetition is quite meditative I have found. These are all still in the works and mere "sketches" for the time being.

I had a turn at printing some of my photographs on the large format printer today and am extremely pleased with the results. However, I want them larger. I would like to find a way to enlarge these images without compromising the quality. I don't want it pixilated when I blow them up. Is there a better way to photograph with the intention of printing large photos? Or is it just an adjustment after the image is captured? I'll have to figure this out. My idea is to see if I can further manipulate the images with a method of destruction such as burning parts of the actual photograph but I want them to be extremely detailed and very large for my spring exhibition.

I have also began adding broom straw to my dress sculpture, weaving it into the form and creating a longer train from the straw itself. My idea is to have the dress transform into this organic material, and evolve throughout the dress. I might burn the bottom and have it burn up the dress, or do something to represent the process of decay and destruction with the dress. We shall see, but I'm really excited about where it is going!

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