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So I have been using my make-shift photo box this week, after my show opening was over to test out some materials/images and then editing them to seem more like you were viewing them through a microscope. Definitely a lot of trial and error but I am really excited about these images that I have so far. Thinking about making some circular shaped sculptures to go along side these, and perhaps projecting these images onto sculptures.

First I tried with some of my charred hay that I have been using in my sculptures, over my light box and then edited:

Progress picture of week 4 of my beet slide, edited and photographed over light box:

Then I have my latex/hair slide two ways:

And finally, some of my broom straw that I am thinking about using in a upcoming sculpture:

I really wanted to use photography manipulation to have a microscopic view on these organic materials, allowing the viewer to investigate the material further and really focus on certain aspects of it, while also appreciating the organic beauty of these materials.

I have no idea where it's going to go from here, but I'm super excited about this progress so far!

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