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Bone Dress/ Light box

This weekend, I decided that I was going to start creating a dress modeled after one of my vintage slips passed down to me by my Aunt. I really feel a connection to these nightgowns and for me, they are fully loaded as a material. I am using them in one of my installations, and a sculpture and I decided that I wanted to have a go at making my own. In the same style as my "bone blanket", using the white bandage tape, I created an intricate lace pattern for the bodice. and basically made my own "yarn" or so you can call it out of wrapping this tape thousands of times around a string of fishing line for structure.

I have a small in-progress show this Thursday, and although I already have enough pieces to fill the space, I had this last minute inspiration, and since I work the absolute best under a deadline, I decided to take advantage of it to knock out a sculpture. With that said, I have basically put every waking hour into this piece and will until Thursday hoping that it will be finished in time for my show. So far it's looking absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to be sewing, weaving, and creating my own fabric that resembles bone.

For me, this piece is about the beautiful devastation that bone cancer does to the bone. Holes, and webs created by pockets of fragmented bone is in it's own hauntingly mesmerizing. I wanted to find a way to represent this using a symbol for a matronly figure who had osteoporosis and eventually died of cancer. The illness eats away at a person until there is a mere shell left. This dress is a symbol of that shell. Here's a couple of in-progress images:

I also created a small light box in my studio that works as lit surface from below. Allowing me currently to photograph my slides with varying materials in between the panes of glass. A temporary but innovative way to have light pass through these slides, so I am really excited about that!

A lot of sculpture this week, and not much photography but I will have some for next week after photographing my pieces in the gallery space for my show.

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