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Pod Monster

So, I've been working on a sculpture installation for my upcoming in-progress show in a couple of weeks...and I decided to repurpose my bone blanket, as well as my weird skin pod that I made last semester.

Today I added my heirloom vintage nightgowns to it, just to see what's very interesting! I think I might be onto something. Combining a little of everything that I've been working on last semester and this into one piece.

I wanted to create a piece that dealt with:

-Microscopic references (bone)

-Tumor/ cancer references (from my loss of loved ones)

-These healing/destructive abilities that our bodies have

-Combined with these nightgowns for me adds memories of my mom or grandmother in their most vulnerable state, or when they were sick, in bed.

-Stripped down to the bare minimum.

-Emotional ties to these dresses- even hanging provoke strong emotional responses within me.

-The historical connection of these textiles to life and death, (when you are born you're wrapped in cloth, and when you die, you are buried in cloth)

Well, it's a work in progress, but we'll see where it goes! I might add my skin pillows to it as well, not too sure yet.

I haven't had a chance to reshoot my slides yet, but I hope to get some photos shot this weekend. Here's some I took of my sculpture so far. Yesterday the sun was setting in my studio and it was just magical.

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