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School is back in sesh and I am just trying to find the motivation that has been buried deep deep down over the Holiday break. What a wonderful time to re-energize and come back full of motivation and excitement. I was so ready to get back into my studio today!

I have decided that I want to work with more organic and natural materials this semester. So, I've made a list of materials that I am interested in using so far:








I've been thinking, what do these materials mean? And why do I have this sudden need to use materials that are closer to the earth?

I am taking Weaving as well as Photography/video this semEster and I really want to incorporate textiles and video/photos into my work.

Weaving--has me thinking about the history of textiles. Specifically the fact that when you are born, you are wrapped in cloth. And when you die, you are buried in cloth.

-Historically speaking, important fabrics/clothing were written in people's wills to be passed down generation to generation. Textiles have increasingly lost their importance and meaning through the manufacturing of these goods overseas and the increase in synthetic/cheap fabrics.

This had me thinking about what fabrics that I have in my life that are meaningful.

-My Nana's knitted hanker-chief

-The vintage night gowns, given to me by my Aunt.

-A piece of lace from my mom's wedding dress

-My Nana's lace hand-crochet apron

What can I do with these things to add more meaning to my art? How can I bring myself more into my art? I need to create art that is emotionally provoking and embodies myself and my life. So this will be my goal this semester.


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