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DAY 24

Day 24 ya'll! Can't believe I have made it this far....I never thought I would get here. So today I have been researching a couple of new artists for inspiration....I love the latex sheet idea, and I wanted to try something a little new in it.

Artist Leslie Dill is still on my mind today, specifically this piece, with the combination of paper and hair:

So today's material is: Human Hair

More specifically, my sister's hair...weird I know. But my parent's are both hair stylists and I have access to so much hair haha, my sister happened to get a haircut when she came home to SC and I saved the clippings, yes I know, I'm a freak.

I wanted to do the same type of thing that I did yesterday with the cheesecloth, but see how hair would look instead. Again, 2 layers on cling wrap and then "painted" some hair onto that, and 2 more layers on top, then cornstarch to keep it from sticking to itself and peel off! (The peeling off is the best part I think, it reminds me of peeling dried glue off of your hand as a kid!)

This is the finished product:

It's transparent, flexible, and extremely interesting...oh the possibilities!

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