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DAY 23

Alright, so I'm ready to revisit the latex sheet idea today...I really want to play on the idea that I already had of the large latex sheet installation, but I want to make it a little more interesting. Take into account this image of human bone under a SEM microscope:

The organic patterns is what I'm currently obsessed with...So I reverted back to cheesecloth...I wanted to incapsulate that with liquid latex.

Artist Leslie Dill, inspired me with her sculptures that look like bone:

I painted 2 layers onto some cling wrap, and then pulled and manipulated a piece of cheesecloth until I got my desired shapes, and painted them into the latex, adding 2 more layers on top. This is the result...amazing....

It's kind of hard to represent this via photography, but to touch it and feel the texture is so satisfying.

*When working with latex, you must sprinkle some corn starch, or baby powder on after it is dry to keep it from sticking to itself.

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