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DAY 20

2 words: LIQUID LATEX.

ummm yes please! This material is my new obsession. So to try this material out, I just ordered a small amount off of amazon to start, and needless to say, I'm going to have to get some more...Here's the brand I've been using: Environ Molds Premium Liquid Latex

This is really good stuff, its really think almost like a pudding consistency, but is highly toxic and fume-y so make sure you have good ventilation when using!

So my first idea using this was just to play around and see what multpile layers did to the color and thickness....So I started painting some "sheets" onto cling wrap. Varying sizes. Once they were dried, I was able to peel them off of the cling wrap and ended up with these very skin-like sheets of latex.

Idea for installation: Latex is such a plastic material, very inorganic and smells...well like latex. But, appears extremely organic, like skin and there's just something so fascinating about touching it. I had this idea of a room full of sheets of latex, just floating in the space, so the viewers would have to walk through them, weaving in and out, experiencing the material by being almost forced to touch it and rub against it, while being overwhelmed by the chemical smell of the material. This juxtaposition between the organic and inorganic. So, using my little test sheets, I created a box installation.

They are so ghostly, I think it'd be a magnificent piece to experience....there's definitely some potential here!

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