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DAY 21


Soooo many ideas, floating around in this here noggin about this amazing material. Why have I not discovered this before?

Today, I am going to try something a little crazy, I have this idea to combine red yarn and latex and see what happens. So I grabbed an old broomstick and started wrapping red yarn around and around until I got about twelve inches in length along the handle. Then, I painted it with 1 pretty thick layer of liquid latex and let it dry for about 4 hours.

Next, was the hard part. I didn't think this through, how in the hell am I going to get this tight ass yarn, which is not pretty much glued to this broomstick off without ruining it? With a lot of sweat and muscle, that's how. Oh, and a towel. ;) After slowly twisting and pulling for about an hour, I finally got this little beast off and boy was it worth it! It ended up being this weird rubbery, organic looking thing, that resembled what I would like a dried intestine would look like, or a more abstract version of that. But it is so cool! I can't stop touching it and bending it into different shapes. I settled for this one, a simple knot, and decided to hang it in a "space" in one of my boxes, to see what it would look like on a large scale as a sculpture. Here's what I ended up with...

I love the little interesting holes the latex creates within the interesting! A successful day for sure.

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