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Day 19

Material: Thread

There's this part of me as an artist, as a creator that is fascinated with Metal. In my undergraduate, I experimented a little with this material and I love how easily you can join two pieces of steel together to created a form, a drawing in space. Today, I took a little field trip down to the metal studio just to get a little inspiration, and take a peek at some of the materials lying around that I could possibly use. I found this little piece of steel rebar? Fencing? I'm not sure what it is technically, but I love the possibility of it. I grabbed this and ran back to my studio.

I thought of it as a skeleton, the basis for a large, powerful sculpture. I wanted it to have some more depth and another element to it, so naturally I grabbed my red thread and started wrapping away like Chiharu Shiota. This intricate web of material that has many layers, and is very reminiscent of fibers, bone and muscle found in the human body.

Now, all I have to do is get into the metal shop and make a version of this thing life size!

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