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DAY 16

It's Thursday, and I had a check-in critique for my painting class. We went around to everyone's work spaces and got a feel for how they were going along with this "Piece per day" project. I'm so impressed by some of the talent we have here at Winthrop, in the Department of Fine Arts...I mean wow!

So my work today was an effort to get "out of my box" and really try to deconstruct some of these ideas that I have had. The paintings that I did at the beginning of this project, weren't really fitting into my overall flow of "piece per day." So I decided to take one of them, and see how I can make it into a sculpture piece. Remember this?

So, I took a fresh blade for my X-acto knife out and got to work! I cut out all of the little spaces. I really wanted to get a sense for what this would be like as a 3-Dimensional piece, something that could put the viewer inside of the piece, rather than outside of it. Here's what I ended up with:

Much more dynamic, I think. Imagine this encompassing a corner of a gallery, and the viewer having to walk through the sculpture to experience it. What material would I use? This is obviously canvas, but it could be done with metal, wood, fabric..etc. The options are open. Either way, I like this little (big) guy, and even staying with canvas and paint might be a nice esthetic. A way of combining my painting with sculpture, something I've been struggling with. Overall, happy with this "sketch" today.

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