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DAY 14

Day 14, back in the studio and ready to work. My creative juices are a'flowin' and it's all good vibes in here today. With my materials still on the way and not arriving until Thursday, I decided to do a little 2-D work today. I made a couple of panels to experiment/paint on when I constructed all of my little boxes. So I gessoed one of them to see that I could get done on it. I ended up starting an oil painting, I was looking at some images that I took of my wax sculpture maquette yesterday, and one in particular is so interesting to me. So with that image in mind, I started painting. After working on the colors of the background, I had the idea to add some cheesecloth onto my panel for texture. Boy was that an amazing idea! The result is still wet, and will be until tomorrow when I can further work on adding paint and color and some more shapes to it. However, I am obsessed with the stage it is at now and I am almost afraid to mess with it further. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, or if I happen to have any good ideas tonight while pondering. This is what is looks like currently:

We'll see how this piece evolves over the next couple of weeks...stay tuned!

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