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DAY 12

Today I have been working mostly on a new installation idea. I have this vision of creating a giant red blood cell, whether I am casting that or creating it out of a variety of materials, I am not sure yet. I want the "cell" to be suspended in the gallery space with some type of string. For my mini maquette, I have used a simple thin, red thread but I have been researching a lot of different materials and could possibly make a bioplastic to make string out of...(to be continued on that idea..) The idea is to have this glorified healthy red blood cell seem almost precious by being suspended. It is almost holy in a way, and will represent all that is healthy and precious in the work. The idea is that blood is something that unites all of us, regardless of race or species, and without healthy blood cells, we are all doomed. I want to hold it on the highest regard and really push that limit of how we look at the inner workings of our bodies. With that being said, here is my little model I made today. I would really love to have some type of direct light from above shining on the cell in all of its glory, again almost as if it's a shrine or holy object.

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