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Today was a new day, I started by making a list of things that I love about art. Take myself back to the roots and really investigate what I enjoy doing and why. Here's what I came up with:

-Large Scale- ominous, overwhelming, interactive

-Room encompassing sculptures

-Microscopic into colossal- and investigation how they relate in a space


(Not much of a list but, it'll do for now.)

You can really tell where my head was at when I woke up this morning. Installations. YES. So, I met with my sculpture teacher and have since had an epiphany, or something along those lines. I have decided that I am no longer holding back, sculpture here I come! I don't know why I have been waiting so long to get back into 3-Dimensional work, all of my paintings include an enormous amount of texture and working with raw materials is by far my favorite thing about making art. I had the most fun making my 3-Dimensional work in my undergrad. I love getting in the studio with a clean apron and leaving a hot mess. It's literally my favorite thing in the world. Welding? yes please! Play with clay today? I think I shall! So that's that, 3-D here I come. Now don't get me wrong, I still am going to paint. I just have a lot of new materials to test out. I ended up making a model red blood cell and platelet out of modeling clay and painting a red blood cell from memory.

So now the ideas are flowing:

-Mini wire sculptures of people/ neural systems/ abstract tissue

-Mini installations of rooms with cancer/ viruses/ blood cells/ vessels.

-Create environments that mimic the internal of the human body--representing the chaos and comfort of being inside a small space that is symbolic of inside the human body. Materials I could use: nylon, cheesecloth, yarn, velvet

Artists that are inspiring me today:

Carlie Trosclair:

Alexey Kashpersky- Ukranian Artist, started medical animation company "Newt Studios"

​Featured Below: My little modeling clay blood cell and platelet

​Featured Below: My red blood cell painting of the day

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