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Today, I have been playing with some red fabric that I got from the fabric store this past weekend. I really want to create a space that transports the viewer elsewhere. The idea that I have is to create a space that allows the viewer to experience a foreign yet familiar world that is both comforting and overwhelming, reminiscent of the inside of the body; in particular the blood stream. I created two installations today for my little boxes that play on this aspect. I have been researching

Anish Kapoor's work and I am just overwhelmed with how amazing he is as an artist and sculptor. His work has given me such inspiration! Here are a few images of his work that are currently holding residence in my mind.

Anish Kappor:

Holy shit right? Are you kidding me! He is amazing. And look how cute he is! So proud of his pieces....I am obsessed.

So here's my work that came out of that inspiration for today...

And below, my maquette for the red blood cell installation, a good start but it need a shit ton more cells for sure!

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