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Today I made a little maquette sculpture for my paper "blanket" I'm calling it right now. Trying to play with shadows, shapes, paper folds and patterns. I started the large version today also and got pretty far with it. I think the repetitive forms that are uniquely organic and unpredictable are reminiscent of bone tissue, or some type of cellular form. This idea of the repetition of materials to create a larger mass is preciously what the body does in cellular formation. Repetitions, Divisions, and patterns are mesmerizing and I think this piece once finished will be also.

Here are some images so you can get an idea:

A little blurry, but keep in mind, this is set up inside one of my little boxes- as a mock sculpture. I created this one with a really paper-like fabric and glue.

And the actual large version that is in progress now, some very interesting shadows and light play going on.

And some images of Tara Donovan's work that seems to be really inspiring me today in terms of repetition of shapes. This idea of repetition mimic the way that cells grow and reproduce, and that is an extremely interesting concept for me right now. I am also interested in using found materials--cheaper and more easily obtained!

Breathtaking right? Yepp, this is what I have to live up to guys..wish me luck!

Overall, a productive day in the studio! See ya'll tomorrow!

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