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DAY 5-6- over the weekend...

Today I went to the hardware store to pick up materials. I got a bunch of wood to make 25 little white maquettes, and a couple of wood panels to paint/ practice dripping wax on. They are 6" x 6" and will be white, to use as mock gallery spaces or blank canvases. My idea was to use them to practice installations, sculptures, still lives for paintings, and the experimenting of materials.

I cut all of the wood today and have been spending the whole day gluing, and nailing these 5-sided boxes together. Some I left 4-sided and one 3-sided to be able to play with the size and how they look together combined. It has been a long, hard, back breaking day after taking all of these materials to the school, being locked out of my studio, having to bring everything back to my house and finally building them. I am exhausted. Tomorrow I will work on painting these puppies so they are ready for some projects! Sorry, no pictures today, I forgot to take some while I had the boxes sprawled out on my living room floor.

The next day, I painted all 25 little, white boxes and it took all day. Fun times.

1. Wrong spray paint

2. Returned wrong spray paint, bought 3 others to test out.

3. Ran out of spray paint.

4. Hand-painted the rest of the boxes. Grrrrr

5. My back is broken and there is spray paint all over the concrete.

6. How do I remove spray paint from concrete now? haha

7. Will try better tomorrow. At least I have 25 blank canvases now! Hooray!

Here's some images of my new little boxes all set up in my studio!

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