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Alright. Back in the studio after a long day of moving in and trying to be creative. Which I'm sure you all know, some days the creative juices just aren't flowing as well as you would hope. So today, I am going to organize my studio and try to play around with this fallopian tube from yesterday and see how I can use it in my piece today. I think I am going to try to combine some media. I haven't used charcoal in a while, so I pulled some out and started sketching a figure on a small piece of canvas. I really woke up wanting to draw this figure for some reason. I was having dreams of a figure in this pose. So, I drew it. Then I thought, what if I have the figure laying on an abstracted image of the fallopian tube? Weird but perhaps interesting if nothing else....or so I thought. After playing with it for a while I am extremely frustrated and am now leaving today with an unresolved piece. Better luck tomorrow!

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