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Hug, 2020

Installation, Sculpture, Performance, Film 

Materials: Plaster, galvanized wire, steel, ash, filmed projection

Hug is a sculpture created out of plaster, galvanized wire, and steel, and is accompanied by a filmed performance.


Imprinted with the shape of my hug, the plaster sculpture is fed warmth and heated from within by a small steel stove. In the performance I am standing on a mountain top, in the winter, exposed and vulnerable to the elements. I am feeding wood into the stove which in turn heats and warms my body as I hug the piece. This piece explores my own personal need to comfort and be comforted. A primordial need that we all share as humans is the need for an emotional connection with another human being. Loneliness among millennials is at an all time high, with a staggering 30% claiming to always or often feel lonely. Young adults are using technology more than ever to help maintain their social relationships and to feel socially connected to those around them. But, People who hug tend to experience a reduction in stress due to feeling loved and more secure. It is a way people feel connected. Hugging therapy is a powerful way of healing, and research shows that hugging is extremely effective at healing a variety of physical and mental health issues. 

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