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Nectar Series, 2018

Installation, Sculpture, Performance, Film, Photography 

Honey, Milk, Rope, Steel, Glass, Stoneware, Eggshells, Sand, Film

This installation is about death, healing, and coping with the loss of fertility. The vessels have been created out of soft coils of rope, hardened with resin. Within them are two liquids, honey and milk. Nectar from straight from nature, pure, full of life and nutrition. 


The milk drips, and the honey oozes. The milk will eventually spoil, sour and dry up yet the honey will seep much more slowly, eventually crystallizing from the elements and will remain a sweet smell in contrast to the spoiled milk. The vessels balance upon a cold rusted steel rocker, a material that although seems indestructible, will eventually rust and corrode. Two small pieces of glass are beneath the steel rocker, fragile, transparent and strong.


A field of cups, all unique and individually imprinted with the squeeze of my hand, representative of the female touch and form in their organic curvatures. The cups placed below, bear the immense weight of the vessels and will catch some of the nectar that seeps from the vessels. The number of cups correspond to the number of potentially viable eggs I will loose in the duration the vessels take to empty completely. All of this is laid upon a bed of crushed eggshells, representative of the wombs of many. And sand, symbolic of the barren, dry desert that absorbs the remaining nectar the cups will not catch. The sculpture is accompanied with a film that includes a performance symbolic of a fertility ritual.

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