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Lauren Taylor Grad is an Interdisciplinary Artist from Anderson, South Carolina. She received a MFA in Studio Art from Winthrop University in 2020, and a BFA in Painting and Metal Sculpture from Clemson University in 2012. She is currently the Director of Communications for the College of Visual and Performing Arts, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Fine Arts at Winthrop University, in Rock Hill, SC. She uniquely combines her love of materials with found objects to explore the many aspects of life that intrigue her.

Since the start of her artistic career, she has displayed her work in a variety of galleries and art organizations around the south, always striving to share her unique vision with the world.

She now resides as a practicing artist in Lake Wylie, SC.

Artist Statement



Throughout our lives, we come into contact with so many objects, that we’ve lost a connection to who has made them or to whom they belong.


Finding a way to honor these objects and utilize them became my sole intention in my art making practice. I was taught to put love into everything you touch, the mending of clothes, the repairing of objects, the building of projects, the act of cooking and feeding another, these actions are all done through your hands, these are all ways we nurture others and express emotion.


Everything that I create, repair, and collect, I also nurture and protect. Through the processes of collecting, nurturing, and repairing found objects, I create sculptural and performative works that explore the emotional and psychological effects of objects as they relate to familial memory and the various processes one uses to nurture and express love.



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